Legal League 100

The Legal League 100 responds to the needs and interests of the constituency. Through the support and guidance of its members, the Legal League 100 continues to provide opportunities to converge with the servicing community.

In response to the current need for leadership and advocacy, we recently formed the Legal League Advisory Council. The Advisory Council was created to strategize growth opportunities, facilitate education, and enhance strategic relationships in the industry and on Capitol Hill. As the industry changes, so will the membership partners as they continue their path toward a better housing market.

The Legal League 100 Advisory Council was introduced in December 2011 as a means to progress the reach of the Legal League 100 to a higher level so legislative changes and servicer involvement is heightened. Comprised of a Chairperson, Co-chair, and eight advisory council members, this team of leaders promises to uphold the following Bylaws.

Below please see a list of the current leaders within our Advisory Council and Subcommittee positions.



Legal League 100 Chairperson

The role of the Legal League 100 Chairperson is to act as leader of the Advisory Council and "face" of the Legal League 100 members-at-large, upholding the Legal League 100's mission statement throughout the duration of his/her term. The chairperson must be open to active communication with the director and ex-officio of the Legal League 100, which could include bi-monthly discussions.

Neil Sherman - Schneiderman & Sherman PC (MI)


Legal League 100 Vice Chairperson

In addition to fulfilling the Chairperson duties when the Chairperson is not able to meet an obligation with the Advisory Council, the Vice Chairperson is responsible for direct oversight of the Legal League 100 Subcommittees, including helping the Subcommittee chairs outline initiatives, deliverables, and due dates. The Vice Chairperson acts as a liaison between the Subcommittee Chairs and the Advisory Council and provides monthly reports to the Advisory Council on Subcommittee initiatives.

Michelle Garcia-Gilbert - Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A. (FL)


Advisory Council Members

The role of the Advisory Council Member is to aid the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Executive Director, and Ex-Officio of the Legal League 100 in developing new strategies to progress the Legal League 100 forward in the areas of legislative actions, education, compliance, advocacy, and/or marketing with assistance from the Subcommittees. Responsibilities will include attending a quarterly meeting or conference call, active communication and participation for duration of term, and upholding the new Legal League 100 mission statement (as all members must uphold, as well).

Adam Codilis - Codilis & Associates, P.C. (IL)

Roy Diaz - SHD Legal (FL)

Erin Laurito - Laurito & Laurito, LLC (OH)

David Maroske - Potestivo & Associates, P.C. (MI)

Richard Nielson - Reimer Law Co. (KY)

J. Anthony Van Ness - Van Ness Law Firm, PLC (FL)

Ed Delgado - Ex-Officio of the Legal League 100 and President and CEO of the Five Star Institute



Advocacy Alliance Chair

This chairperson will lead a team in advocacy efforts on behalf of the membership on the issues of law firm sustainability and the creation of uniform procedures throughout the industry.


Audit Compliance Chair

This chairperson will lead a team on the issues of auditing, compliance, and developing strategies to effectively handle this process. This chair will put out advisements to the membership on audit best practices, tools, and strategies.


Education Services Chair

This chairperson will lead a team to create educational opportunities to keep the membership informed of best practices and changing regulations through webinars, bulletins, and more. This chairperson will also provide servicers in-house training when requested.


Government Affairs Chair

This chairperson will lead a team in helping the membership address legislative policy and regulatory issues and help ensure the membership’s interests are represented on a larger scale through writing letters and scheduling meetings on behalf of the membership with government representatives.